Commercial collections

Commercial collections

Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational, our lawyers can help you recover your commercial collections. Also commonly known as business to business debt (B2B), our debt collection lawyers specialize in recovering payments from one business to another.

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What are commercial collections?

Commercial collection can occur if your customer refuses to pay your invoices, despite having delivered your goods or services. It could simply be the case that your debtor has forgotten to complete the payment or refuses to pay because your customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the delivered goods or services.

Nonetheless, we understand that collecting unpaid debt can be a complicated and time-consuming process. That’s where we come in. With our commercial collection services, our debt collection lawyers can step in and collect your debt on your behalf.

What can you expect from our commercial collection services?

As a debt collection law firm, we have more measures than a regular debt collection agency. Our commercial collection process always starts in the out-of-court phase. Your case handler will personally contact your debtor and submit customized demand letters. In 95% of the cases that we solve, we can collect your debt in this phase on a No Win No Fee basis. If legal action is needed, then we consider commercial collection laws and have the authority to enforce these.

    • Expertise in B2B collections
    • Personal contact with your case handler
    • Customized approach towards your debtor
    • Industry knowledge for your case
    • Starting your case in the out of court phase
    • Enforce legal procedures if necessary
    • Efficiently deal with disputed claims

Commercial collection laws

Since we are a debt collection law firm, our debt collection specialists and lawyers are qualified to enforce legal procedure if necessary. As our lawyers are qualified and registered under the Bar Associations, we ensure that when we collect it done in a legally correct way. Moreover, as a debt collection law firm, we have more resources to successfully retrieve your debt than a regular debt collection agency.

Cross border commercial collections

Whether your debtor is located in the same country as you, in the UK, Europe or globally, you can rely on our commercial collection services for your international debt collection cases.

With over 35 debt collection lawyers and specialists from the leading economies, we always have an expert who speaks the same language as your debtor and is well versed in the local customs and legal system. We also ensure that your appointed case handler is experienced according to the industry in which your business operates. This way we can ensure to retrieve your payments as soon and efficiently as possible.

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If you would like a free consultation or if you would like to know more about our collection services, you can always contact us. Together we can discuss the best way on how to deal with your debtor.

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