Debt Collection in Birkenhead

Are you looking for a debt collection agency in Birkenhead? Do not limit yourself to any regular debt collection agency in Birkenhead. A regular debt collection agency cannot do anything you can do yourself.

Our debt collection law firm surpasses any regular debt collection agency in Birkenhead. In 95% of our cases, we successfully retrieve your claim without taking legal action. Since we work on a No Win No Fee basis, you do not have to worry about paying high fees. With our specialised debt collection services, we outperform any regular debt collection agency in Birkenhead and have the most effective measures to get your debtor to pay.

We understand that an outstanding claim can be extremely frustrating, since you have waited long enough for your payment. That’s why we act fast to ensure the payment of your invoice. Transfer your claim today and we will get to work immediately!

How can we help collect your debt in Birkenhead?

We fight for your justice because you have worked hard for your well-earned money. Your debtor will not be intimidated by a simple phone call or demand letter. That is why we leave no stone unturned an ensure the correct measures are applied to retrieve your payment. Since we are a debt collection law firm, we can:

  • Deploy appropriate resources to pressurise your debtor to pay
  • Contact local authorities and bailiffs
  • Contact local private detectives
  • Access to local databases to maximise our strategy
  • Access to private databases
  • Knowledge of judicial procedures in the UK
  • Ability to enforce judgements
  • Customise our approach according to your needs.

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Our success formula? Why are we your trusted partner for debt collection in Birkenhead?

You cannot expect many outcomes from a typical debt collection agency in Birkenhead. Below are 7 reasons why:

1. A debt collection agency has no real means to pressurize your debtor to pay.

Using call centres and writing standardized demand letters will not impress your debtor.

2. With a debt collection agency, you are just a number.

Your file will be dealt with no real strategy. You cannot reach your contact person simply because there is no contact person.

3. A debt collection agency doesn’t cooperate with you.

Whether you prefer a soft approach to maintain your business relation or a harsh approach, a debt collection agency will not adjust its strategy according to your needs.

4. A debt collection agency acts too slow.

They allow your debtor to get away with non-payment.

5. A debt collection agency cannot judge the nature of your case.

If there is a dispute in your case, a debt collection agency always uses its standardized approach. This approach will ruin your chances of recovery.

6. A debt collection agency cannot enforce legal action.

Pressurizing your debtor in the pre-legal phase will not be enough. Many debtors remain non-responsive till the last moment when it is absolutely necessary.

7. The worst of all, your debtor knows this too!

Anyone can establish a debt collection agency in Birkenhead. Your debtor knows a debt collection agency can do nothing different than what you can do yourself. They know a debt collection agency has no regard for regulations or the authority.


Bierens Collection Lawyer

Bierens Collection

Regular Collection Agency

Regular Collection

Domestic cases
Expertise in B2B debt collection
Starting every case in the pre-legal phase
Personal contact with your case worker
Customised approach towards your debtor
Customised demand letters
A random call centre agent calls your debtor
Enforce legal procedures when needed
Supervision under the Bar Association
Highest success rate in the market (95%)
Always honest and cost-effective advice

No Win No Fee debt collection agency Birkenhead

There is no need to write off your debt. We limit your risk as we work based with No Win No Fee and are successful in doing so in 95% of the cases that we solve. This means that you receive the quality of a debt collection lawyer for the same price as any other debt collection agency. You only pay a fee of €185 for research costs. This allows us to conduct a thorough investigation, a feasibility study and generate reports. Once we successfully collect your claim, we try to recover this fee from your debtor as much as possible.

How have others experienced our debt collection services?

Our debt collection lawyers deal with serious cases. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a multinational, we do our utmost in retrieving your claim. No company should be left empty-handed for their hard-owed work. Read here what we have done for other companies in the past.

We have collected debts for over 24.000 companies all over the world

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Also for assistance in legal debt collection procedures in Birkenhead

You can always rely on our services for both extrajudicial and judicial debt collection procedures throughout the UK. Our debt collection lawyers can also help you with legal procedures in Birkenhead:

Once we have obtained an official court order; we ensure that the verdict is correctly enforced. From seizing your debtor’s assets, retention of title, or the public sale of goods, we ensure that court officials carry out the enforcement. Because we give clear and honest advice, we always consider the most cost-effective solution so that your money is not wasted on a never-ending case.

Let our debt collection lawyers fight for your justice

We make sure that your debtor does not get away with non-payment. As members of the Bar Council, our debt collection lawyers each have their own specialisation in a business field. We know all the do’s and don’ts and how we can serve justice. Meet our team here.

Get a free consultation with our specialists for your debt collection in Birkenhead

You’ve seen why we are your trusted partner for your debt collection in Birkenhead. But if you still have questions, our specialists are available for a free consultation. Together we can discuss the best way on how to deal with your debtor.

  • Free consultation with our debt collection experts
  • You can call us between 08.30-17.30 on working days
  • We discuss your case and the best course of action
  • We reply within 24 hours on you contact form
  • We provide clear and practical advice

Would you like to recover your payment as soon as possible? Then transfer your case today! We will then immediately start processing your case.

Free case evaluation by the best debt collection specialists

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  • The best results for the lowest costs
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Why choose Bierens
Debt Recovery Lawyers?

International and national debt collection
Personal and honest advice
Highest customer satisfaction

We have collected debts for over 24.000 companies all over the world

Kiyoh reviews
RATED 8.9 / 10 | 1161 REVIEWS