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Our working method

As soon as you hand over your case, we will do our utmost to resolve it as quickly as possible. Whether it is a simple debt collection case or a complex legal conflict: we alleviate your concerns. 

Handing over your case online 

debt collection process starts with us as soon as we have received your collection case. You can easily upload your collection via our website. Would you prefer to forward your collection case by e-mail? That is also possible. Please contact our colleagues in the Sales department. They will ensure that your documents are forwarded, and that the debt collection process is started. 

The online transfer form shows which documents we need to start the debt collection process. Did you accidentally forget to send us a document? No problem, just let us know. We will certainly not charge 'penalty costs', unlike some of our competitors. The only disadvantage for you is that we can only start working on your case as soon as we have all the documents. 


Order confirmation 

After you have transferred your debt collection case, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your debt collection transfer has been successfully sent. You will later receive an order confirmation from us in which your case handler indicates that we are handling your case. We will also share some practical information with you about the contact with your debtor. 

Advantages of a debt collection lawyer 

  • Successful collection of commercial debts since 1952 
  • Always honest and clear advice in your case 
  • Our lawyers know the best collection tactics 
  • Success rate 95% 
  • For SMEs and Multinationals 
  • High customer satisfaction 

Debtor immediately receives a letter of formal notice 

You've had to wait long enough for your money. That is why we will start working as soon as your collection case has been received. If you transfer your case before 4 p.m., it will be processed the same day. Your debtor can then expect a letter of formal notice from our office the next day. 

This letter is also a short one: your debtor will have a short amount of time to pay the invoice. As a result, the turnaround time is very quick, so you don’t need to wait too long for your money 

Wondering how the entire collection process runs? Check out our debt collection process here. 

Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

Together with you, we determine our approach 

Our office is known for its hard but fair approach. And that works. Thanks to our approach, we are still able to make many debtors pay. In fact, most companies are often familiar with our approach, which means that they pay quickly. 

Would you prefer a different approach? For example, because the customer relationship is very important to your organisation? No problem either. Indicate this when you transfer the debt collection case to us, and we will adapt our approach accordingly. We are here to help your organisation. 

“Bierens and its team of international lawyers understand the needs of companies and can adapt to any situation.”

Lea Macedoni / Alessi

Track your progress 24/7 via our portal 

Wondering if anything has been paid yet? You can see it in our online portal. There, all updates and messages with the debtor are posted. So, you always know what the latest state of affairs is. New to Bierens? Then you will receive your login details by e-mail within a few working days. 

When will the money be in your account? 

Preferably as soon as possible, of course. If we receive full or partial payment, you will receive a settlement or payment with accompanying letter within 5 working days (international 8 working days). Your debtor has to transfer the money to a third-party account. This offers you more protection, but unfortunately also takes a little longer. 

Our collection specialists and lawyers 

Bierens has a large debt collection teams consisting of lawyers and collection specialists. We ensure that your case is handled by the right specialist. Often this is someone who has experience in your sector or specialises in debt collection in the country of your debtor. This way you can be sure that the right collection specialist will always get to work on your case. 

We are experts in international debt collection

  • Since 1952
  • International expertise
  • Specialst laywers in international debt recovery
  • Every year we collect thousands of outstanding invoices

Specialists in International Debt Collection

Our 35 international lawyers are specialists in debt collection across Europe. From the moment that you hand your case over to us, we will do our utmost to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Whether this concerns a straightforward debt recovery matter or a complicated legal conflict, we will unburden you.

Contact with a debt collection lawyer 

Would you like more information about our working method? Please feel free to contact us. Our debt collection specialists and lawyers will be happy to tell you more about the collection of outstanding debts. 

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