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As experts in B2B debt collection, you can rely on Bierens to help you with debt collection in the UK. Our team of specialists can assist you throughout the entire debt recovery process. From amicable collections to providing guidance throughout the legal phase, we can help you recover your unpaid debt. We start work on a No Win No Fee basis and can guide you with debt collection solutions across the UK.

Hiring a debt collection agency in the UK

Based on our experience, we know that a simple phone call or demand letter might not always be enough to recover your payment. We often see that creditors have already done everything in their power to recover their payments. Essentially, a debt collection agency in the UK cannot do anything you can't do yourself.

However, with a debt collection law firm, we have more measures in-store. Once our experts have looked into the case, we ensure to refine our strategy according to your needs. Our approach always considers what is best for your business operations. If you wish to proceed with taking legal action, then our experts can assist you in the legal phase as well. With debt collectors in the UK and our debt recovery solicitors, we can assist you throughout the UK:


Bierens Collection Lawyer

Bierens Collection

Regular Collection Agency

Regular Collection

Domestic cases
Expertise in B2B debt collection
Starting every case in the pre-legal phase
Personal contact with your case worker
Customised approach towards your debtor
Customised demand letters
A random call centre agent calls your debtor
Enforce legal procedures when needed
Supervision under the Bar Association
Highest success rate in the market (95%)
Always honest and cost-effective advice

How does a debt collection agency in the UK work?

You can always rely on our services for both amicable and judicial debt collection procedures. We always start our debt collection processes without court intervention, but if legal action is needed we are authorised to act too. Moreover, we can also help to have measures enforced.

  • Upload claim
    Upload your debt recovery case online
  • Start case
    We will process your case immediately
  • Send a demand letter
    We will immediately send a payment reminder to your debtor
  • How to approach debtor?
    Together we will determine our approach
  • Online portal 24/7
    View your case 24/7 through our online portal
  • Ask questions
    Questions? Your contact is always available to assist you
  • Get invoice paid
    Your unpaid invoice will be paid

How have others experienced our debt collection services?

Our debt collection lawyers deal with various B2B debt collection cases. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a multinational, we do our utmost in recovering your claim. We believe that no company should be left empty-handed for their hard-owed work. Read here what we have done for other companies in the past.

We have collected debts for over 24.000 companies all over the world

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Let our debt collection lawyers fight for your justice

With a team of over 115+ specialists, our debt collection lawyers each have their own specialisation within different business fields. As members of the Bar Council, they can also litigate on your behalf. Meet our team here.

Get a free consultation today

For any questions relating to debt collection agencies in the UK or for a free consultation, our specialists are available whenever convenient for you. Together we can discuss the best way on how to deal with your debtor. Would you like to recover your payment as soon as possible? Then transfer your case today! We will then immediately start processing your case.

  • Free consultation with our debt collection experts
  • You can call us between 08.30-17.30 on working days
  • We discuss your case and the best course of action
  • We reply within 24 hours on your contact form
  • We provide clear and practical advice
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  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs

We have collected debts for over 24.000 companies all over the world

Kiyoh reviews
RATED 9.0 / 10 | 1160 REVIEWS