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Are you dealing with a debt collection case in Europe?

Foreign debtors often speak a different language and have different business customs than those you are used to. They may also have a different payment behaviour, alongside a different legislation than in your county.

That is why you should hire our debt collection solicitors at Bierens. When it concerns the non-payment of invoices, we know what matters most to you.

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Why choose Bierens?

Bierens is the leading international expert on debt collection since 1952. We collect from more than 23 European countries, and can also assist you with your international debt collection cases outside Europe.

With more than 115 international employees, we always have the right specialist available for your case.

Our customers rate our services with a 9/10. Your satisfaction concerning the quality of our services is of utmost importance to us.

We process a wide range of debt collection cases and strive for a 100% unique customised advice. With Bierens specialists at your side, you can count on a professional team with a personalised approach who you can always rely on.

Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers processes debt collection cases from across all European countries listed below. If your country is not mentioned, please contact us directly for more information.

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  • Fast solutions for your cases
  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs

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A sample of our reviews

Universal Music – Frank Oosenbrug

"Bierens’ energetic approach as an extension of our own credit risk management and is an excellent fit for us. Direct communication, structured procedures and exchange of information, knowledge of the market and our company means that we have found an ideal partner in Bierens for granting credit to our customers, retailers and wholesalers since 2007".

Canon – Peter Noordergraaf

"Since 2004 Bierens has been our reliable debt recovery partner functioning as an extension of our Credit Control Department. Bierens gives shape to the “No Win, No Fee” principle. They have a high success rate and the collected amounts are quickly transferred to our bank account. Whenever customers are confronted by defaulting debtors, we always refer them to Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers".

Staples – Kitty Berendsen

"Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers is an important partner to Staples' advantage with reference to our credit risk management. It is a pleasure to be able to transfer matters and files which are difficult to collect to Bierens. In our experience, the cases are handled well, efficiently, and with good results".

Swift and inexpensive debt collection

We process your debt collection case based on No Win No Fee. What if we do not collect the entire amount? Then you only pay the basic administrative costs. Unlike other law firms, you do not pay a fee.

No Win No Fee Debt Collection = The SMART choice!

We solve your case based on No Win No Fee. If we collect the entire claim including interests and costs, we will recover these fees as much as possible from your debtor. This means that your debtor pays our fees. If we fail to collect your claim, then you only pay the standard administrative costs.

In most cases, this means that transferring your debt recovery case to our solicitors is FREE of charge. This way you minimise any potential risks while efficiently recovering your claim.

Free advice from the best debt collection specialists

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  • Fast solutions for your cases
  • Real measures to recover your payments
  • The best results for the lowest costs