European Debt Recovery

If you are an international business, chances are you’re conducting business with a company based in the European Union. Differing cultures and languages can be challenging. This becomes even more apparent when you’re faced with outstanding invoices. Suddenly, you may not be able to get hold of your business partner or they keep telling you that they’ll pay soon but they never do.  

Debt recovery laws differ depending on the country of your debtor. This means that you may not be able to use the same tactics with a European debtor as you do with a debtor in your country 

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Debt Recovery in the European Union  

With more than 35 international lawyers, we cover 20 of the largest European countries. 

“Bierens works brilliantly. They know how to handle cases smoothly and quickly to get your money back.”

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No Win, No Fee European Debt Recovery 

We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis. Once you have handed your case over to us, we will begin working on your case immediately. We will contact your debtor instructing them to pay your outstanding invoice. This can be achieved through many steps including phone calls and written letters.  

In some countries, we can even freeze your debtors’ assets or file for bankruptcy of your debtor. When we’re recovering your invoice, we will also apply our costs to your debtor. This means they will pay for services and not you.  

Send us your case before 16:00pm and we'll get to work immediately!

We are experts in international debt collection

  • Since 1952
  • International expertise
  • Specialist laywers in international debt recovery
  • Every year we collect thousands of outstanding invoices

European Small Claims Procedure  

Do you have a business claim of up to €5,000 abroad? Are you concerned the legal procedure will take years? Don't worry! In some cases, the Small Claims Procedure offers the solution. This legal procedure works faster than regular court proceedings. Moreover, it not only saves time, it is also a lot cheaper. With a Small Claims Procedure, your international claim can be collected quickly and cheaply. 

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European Order for Payment 

The European order for payment is a standardised procedure that makes it possible to collect foreign claims. The European order for payment procedure can be used if both your organisation and the debtor are in an EU member state. All EU Member States (with the exception of Denmark) are connected to this procedure. The advantage of the European order for payment is that it is a simple, fast and cheap way to collect international claims. 

Read more>> What is the European Payment Order? 

European Debt Recovery Agency with local experience 

We specialise in European debt recovery. This means that if you have a debtor based in a European country, we can help. The laws in each European country vary depending on the type of case and the relevant law.  

We have specialist debt collectors from all over Europe based in our Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona and Veghel offices. This means we not only understand the laws of the country of your debtor, our local lawyers can speak the same language. If your case is disputed, we can even litigate in the country of your debtor, making it even more likely to get your invoice paid.  

Why choose a European Debt Recovery Agency? 

  1. Knowledge of Local Legislation and Customs of Trade

Our solicitors have extensive experience and knowledge of European legislation and regulations. In addition, they are fully aware of commercial traditions and cultures within each European country. That makes it easier to get your debtor to pay quickly 

  1. Debt Recovery in Local Language

Our solicitors speak both your language and the language of your debtor, which allows them to overcome language barriers with ease. 

  1. Customised Debt Collection

We can provide debt collection support to both European companies and global companies with debtors based in Europe. Our commercial debt recovery approach is customised to each unique case, and we provide you with tailor-made advice. 

  1. Straightforward Advice

We will always give our honest advice on the chances of success in your debt recovery matter. Putting your interests first is important to us; we endeavour to provide you with your options, as well as our advice on the best route to take. It’s easy to see how we put our core values of integrity and justice into practice. 

Specialists in International Debt Collection

Our 35 international lawyers are specialists in debt collection across Europe. From the moment that you hand your case over to us, we will do our utmost to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Whether this concerns a straightforward debt recovery matter or a complicated legal conflict, we will unburden you.

More information about European Debt Recovery  

Do you want more information about European Debt Recovery? Contact us today, our international debt collectors and specialists can help. We will be happy to help.  

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