European debt recovery

European Debt Recovery

European debt recovery occurs if your customer from a European Member State owes your company money. With different languages, cultures and legislations, European debt recovery can become a complicated matter. To achieve the maximum results, hiring a European debt recovery agent may be the best solution for you. With in-house European debt collection specialists and lawyers with knowledge on local rules and regulations, we have the resources to solve your European debt recovery case.

Debt collection Europe

Would you to know more about European debt recovery and the countries we work in? Below you will find an overview of all countries. For each country you will find detailed information related to business customs and legal procedures. If your country is not listed below, feel free to contact us as our services are rapidly expanding.

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  • Specialists in European debt recovery
  • Native in-house debt collection specialists
  • Knowledge on local business traditions and legislations
  • No Cure No Pay European debt recovery
  • Success rate of 95%
  • High quality ISO certification (27001 and 9001)
  • High customer satisfaction with a rating if 9.1/10 (based on 800+ reviews)
  • 24/7 access to our online portal

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“Bierens works brilliantly. They know how to handle cases smoothly and quickly to get your money back.”

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European debt recovery agent

Our European debt recovery agents have various resources readily available. Many cases we can resolve without court intervention, also known as pre-legal international debt collection. Hereby we will call your European debtor and send demand letters. If your debtor fails to respond or disputes the claim, we can initiate international judicial debt collection proceedings on your behalf.
As different rules and regulations apply than those that are applicable in your own country, you will not have to worry about these challenges as our European debt recovery specialists and lawyers will investigate and solve the following issues if legal proceedings are necessary.

  • Which rules and regulations are applicable for my debt collection case?
  • Which country do you have to litigate?
  • Which law is applicable?
  • Which legal procedures are applicable for my debt collection case?
  • What is my limitation period?

European debt recovery procedure

  • Upload claim
    Upload your debt recovery case online
  • Start case
    We will process your case immediately
  • Send a demand letter
    We will immediately send a payment reminder to your debtor
  • How to approach debtor?
    Together we will determine our approach
  • Online portal 24/7
    View your case 24/7 through our online portal
  • Ask questions
    Questions? Your contact is always available to assist you
  • Get invoice paid
    Your unpaid invoice will be paid

Our European debt recovery team

We understand that European debt recovery is a complicated matter. Our debt recovery solicitors will always try to collect your claim without the intervention of the court, but if necessary, we have the knowledge and resources to get your debtor to pay through legal proceedings. Our European debt recovery specialists and solicitors would be happy to explain the various conditions and procedures. With a European debt recovery agent, you will be in a much stronger position. Contact us today and let our specialist retrieve your payment.

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