We work for big and small companies:
  • As of 2004, Bierens has been our reliable (also from a financial point of view) debt recovery partner functioning as an... Read more >

  • Ferro Corporation is very pleased with the successful outcome of our claim with a certain debtor client that was handled by... Read more >

  • We keep a close eye on the payments, but if something goes awry, we have a reliable partner in Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers... Read more >

  • Thanks to its knowledge of the legal system, local culture, as well as which tools are available to deal with a debtor,... Read more >

  • After careful consideration we have chosen Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers because of their global track record and convincing... Read more >

  • For more than two years, we have been working in cooperation with Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers for the debt recovery and... Read more >

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