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International debt collection

Below you can find an overview of all countries that we cover. For each country you will find more detailed information about the debt collection procedure. If your country is not on the list, you can always contact us as we are rapidly expanding our services.
Europe UK Global
Debt Collection Abu Dhabi
Debt Collection Albania
Debt Collection Algeria
Debt Collection Andorra
Debt Collection Argentina
Debt Collection Australia
Debt Collection Austria
Debt Collection Belarus
Debt Collection Belgium
Debt Collection Bolivia
Debt Collection Bosnia
Debt Collection Brazil
Debt Collection Bulgaria
Debt Collection Chili
Debt Collection China
Debt Collection Colombia
Debt Collection Croatia
Debt Collection Cyprus
Debt Collection Czech Republic
Debt Collection Denmark
Debt Collection Dubai
Debt Collection Estonia
Debt Collection Finland
Debt Collection France
Debt Collection Georgia
Debt Collection Germany
Debt Collection Greece
Debt Collection Hungary
Debt Collection Iceland
Debt Collection India
Debt Collection Indonesia
Debt Collection Ireland
Debt Collection Israel
Debt Collection Italy
Debt Collection Japan
Debt Collection Kosovo
Debt Collection Latvia
Debt Collection Liechtenstein
Debt Collection Lithuania
Debt Collection Luxembourg
Debt Collection Macedonia
Debt Collection Malaysia
Debt Collection Malta
Debt Collection Mexico
Debt Collection Moldavia
Debt Collection Monaco
Debt Collection Montenegro
Debt Collection Morocco
Debt Collection Netherlands
Debt Collection New Zealand
Debt Collection Northern Ireland
Debt Collection Norway
Debt Collection Pakistan
Debt Collection Peru
Debt Collection Philippines
Debt Collection Poland
Debt Collection Portugal
Debt Collection Romania
Debt Collection Russia
Debt Collection San Marino
Debt Collection Scotland
Debt Collection Serbia
Debt Collection Slovakia
Debt Collection Slovenia
Debt Collection South Africa
Debt Collection Spain
Debt Collection Sweden
Debt Collection Switzerland
Debt Collection Thailand
Debt Collection Tunisia
Debt Collection Turkey
Debt Collection U.A.E
Debt Collection U.S.A
Debt Collection UK
Debt Collection Ukraine
Debt Collection Vietnam
Debt Collection Wales
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Our international debt collection specialists

Meet our 115+ experts Meet our 115+ experts

7 reasons to transfer your case to our debt collection lawyers

Unlike an average debt collection agency, our debt collection lawyers have access to the most powerful measures. At Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers you get the best result at the lowest costs. No matter where your debtor is located, we ensure that your invoice will be recovered.

  • No Cure No Pay for your cases

    You might assume that debt collection lawyers are expensive. At Bierens, this is not the case. We aim to collect the entire amount whereby you keep the principal amount, and we collect the interest and costs. At Bierens we believe in transparency with no hidden fee structure. You will get the highest collection rate for the lowest costs. Read More
  • Overcoming language barriers with our native debt collection specialists

    Do you always use English to communicate with your international business partner? It’s never a problem until it goes wrong. With over 115 specialists from over 30 different nationalities, your caseworker will speak the same language as your debtor. This way we overcome any language or cultural barriers and are more effective in our collections.
  • Real pressure on debtors in the extrajudicial phase

    Unlike regular debt collection agencies, our debt collection specialists and lawyers have the means to recover your payment. From the use of our local resources to track your debtor to global databases, your debtor cannot hide from us. As a debt recovery law firm, your debtor knows we mean business. After all, do you think a debtor will be intimidated by a regular debt collector or a lawyer? Read More
  • International legal expertise

    If legal proceedings are necessary, then our lawyers closely collaborate on cross-border cases to ensure we choose a course of action that works to your advantage. As members of national Bar Associations, our lawyers have the experience to recover your payment in every way possible. This way you will not waste your efforts on a never-ending case and will be guaranteed legal proceedings that deliver results. Read More
  • Personal contact and 24/7 tracking of your case

    At Bierens, you are never a number. When working with us you will be assigned a personal case handler. When uploading your claim, you can immediately select your preferred channels for communications
  • Fight for your justice

    Our core value is to serve justice. Our employees are trained not to give up after a few attempts but will always do their utmost to recover your claim. We will always go the extra mile for you.
  • The highest customer satisfaction and success rates guaranteed

    We haven't allowed 24.000 companies to write off their debts. With Bierens, you guarantee yourself with the highest success rates. Read our reviews or testimonials and discover it yourself. Read More
 put real pressure

The benefits of choosing
Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers vs
a regular debt collection agency

International cases
Domestic cases
Bierens Collection Lawyer

Bierens Collection

Regular Collection Agency

Regular Collection

International cases Domestic cases
Expertise in B2B collections
Expertise in B2C collections
Industry knowledge for your case
Starting cases in the out-of-court phase
One point of contact for your case
Customised international approach debtor
(demand letters, phone calls, etc)
Customised approach debtor
(demand letters, phone calls, etc.)
Standardised phone calls (call centre) and
English demand letters
A random call centre agent calls your debtor
Understanding of cultural approach debtor Force of legal procedures when needed
Use of local resources to track debtor Ability to effectively handle debt collection cases & legal disputes
Access to global debtor’s databases Heavy Supervision of Bar Association
Experts in legal actions abroad Highest success rate in market (95%)
Procedures in most beneficial country for clients Customer satisfaction 9.0/10
Inhouse expertise in pre-legal and legal debt collection abroad
All legal procedures via expensive external parties
Data protection on ISO 27001 standard
Heavy supervision under the International Bar Associations

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We can assist you in the following situations:
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  • Money loans are not paid for
  • Purchased goods or services are not delivered
  • Commercial tenant refuses to pay rent
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  • And much more
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Different cultures, languages, payment behaviours and legislations, these are some of the challenges you can expect when dealing with international debt collection. Discover the various payment behaviours across Europe so you can be optimally prepared yourself for any scenario.

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Recover your outstanding invoices with the help of our practical tips. From calling your debtor, sending demand letters or payment reminders, this e-book contains all the information you need!

Preventing outstanding invoices in 7 steps

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